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Durrel landed the ship right outside the ruins of the former Mandalorian base on Jatalra.

He opened the landing ramp and went outside with 2 of the analysts, armed to the teeth.

Durrel began to check reports on HUD, reading age old documents on the objects found on Jatalra.

He read these documents while picking his way through the ruins, until they found the door to the Mando'a Bunker.

"Sir. Are you sure this is wise?"

Durrel looked at the analyst, "I we find what something useful, it will be worth it."

He activated his long-range comm.

"Jedi, Captain Durrel here. We have landed on the ruins of our base, here on Jatalra. We will assist your search by going through the ruins. Stand by for further reports."

He opened the Bunker door and went in. They weaved their way through several passages until they found a door with a peculiar symbol on it.

He checked the reports, this symbol was not only insignia of the facility, but could be found on the artifacts recovered and placed in the Bunker.

Durrel opened the door via it's controls and walked inside, seeing a strange, red, triangle object.

It emananated with a dark aura, Durrel was ultimately afraid to even take a step closer, but he did.

His HUD had reached the final document, the last one before the destruction of the base, it read:

We have discovered the meaning of the symbols we've found on the artifacts. But due to recent events, we have reason to believe that these objects should be destroyed. The artifacts date back to about 10 years after the Mandalorian Wars. We believe it to be....

The rest of the document was destroyed, but Durrel remembered this symbol, remembering his days on studying the numerous enemies of the Mandalorians.

This symbol was that of a Great Sith Lord, known only as Nihilus.

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