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Pahro snorted. She did not appreciate being condescended to by anyone, let alone the Jedi Order. Did they not know the power of her fame, her celebrity? No matter. She would find a holocron and bring it to her Mistress, perhaps...

It did not take her long to find a tiny one, so small that it could balance upon the tip of her finger, and yet as inexorably hard as a diamond. It glowed red.

Andirrul, said the holocron. I must see her, and become hers, in order to impart the secrets of the Jedi--and the Sith--to her. After all, she is the Dark Lady. I am millennia old, my precious pawn. Do not trifle with me.

The spy's blood suddenly ran cold. "Who are you?" she said via the Force.

I am a Sith Lord, or I was within my time. Now my spirit has been justly imprisoned within this crystal shell for longer than you and your ancestors have been alive. I suspect it is the Force's unique way of punishing me.

Pahro slipped the holocron into her pocket and snuck out of the ruins. She had not done much spying upon the Jedi, but she believed that her catch, her newfound treasure, was far more important to the cause at hand. Returning to her courier vessel, she sent a holocomm message to Andirrul:

"My Lady, I have found something. A holocron this time, and not a Jedi in full flesh and blood. I believe you'll find it intriguing, to say the least."

Silence. "Is that all? Not even the location or whereabouts of our enemies?"

Pahro quickly relayed her coordinates. "I am nearby, but not too far nearby. I wish to stay concealed from our targets as long as possible, Mistress."

This time, a sigh. "If you want to impress me, you must expend more effort."

Her thrall was furious. As soon as she turned off the holocomm, she thought up a plan. If it was a trophy Andirrul wanted, she'd get it, soaked in blood. Pahro herself always carried a high-powered stun-blaster to ward off rabid fans. It had the power to kill as well, but it also had the best silencer credits could buy. Stealthily, Pahro crept back to the ruins, being careful to cloak herself in the Force lest the Jedi sense her return. She leapt behind a rock.

There. If I hit the debris nearby, that rotten crumble of wall, instead of the target, I can kill two gizka with one stone: slay a Jedi and cause chaos.

Without a repentant second thought, Pahro aimed exactly...and hit her mark.
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