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Alriana watched as the ground of Jaltra crumpled slightly beneath the weight of the fighter as it settled to the ground.

Something is wrong...I sense a presence I have not felt since...Since I grabbed the holocrons the first time...Is it possible that one of the holocrons I grabbed was of sith design?

Alriana turned to the Cathar. "Something is wrong...I can sense a great disturbance within one of the holocrons...It's almost as if a gatekeeper is being activated...but It doesn't feel like a Jedi feels much darker."

Alriana nodded to the cathar and moved off on her own to track down the holocron.

After only a few minutes of walking Alriana stopped as she saw a figure blast a fragile wall with a blaster pistol.

That could not have been good.

Alriana extended both of her hands forward in a massive force push that sent the debries caused by the shot to fly off.

"You have a dangerous holocron with you...I can sense it...but I can't sense you yourself...isn't that odd?"

Alriana narrowed her eyes.

"Identify yourself...and tell me what you are doing with the holocron."
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