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Pahro smiled. Her little diversion had done exactly what it was intended to do: locate her real target. Not the holocron, or the ruins, but the woman standing right in front of her.

"I was removing it," replied Pahro. "The Dark Side taints Jedi worse than anyone, or at least it can from such a powerful influence as this holocron is. I was trying to hide my presence so as not to distract anyone unnecessarily," she said. "With the frequent ground tremors on this planet, everyone has to keep on their toes, yes?"

She removed the holomike from her lapel. "My name is Pahro Utonula, also known as P to the rest of the galaxy. I thought I was coming here on an archaeological expedition in order to get material for my next show, but here you are! Would you mind sparing a few moments for an interview?"

When the Jedi fell silent, Pahro said, "I can sense the cold on you. You have just recently awakened from cryostasis. Even archaeologists and reporters can be sensitive to the Force. From what era are you, exactly, Jedi?"
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