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"Chyort!! You got me this time.."

Shayla and Atrianna both smirked at Vlad. "Vlad...Shayla always manages to get you. You need to realize that she will always find new ways to startle you...suprise you...Ambush you..."

"Heh, you two are laughing now, wait until Vlad retaliates, then I will be laughing."

Damn. I didn't think of that. I better watch out for Uncle Vlad...

"Well, how are you all doing?"

"Welll...Shayla managed to break another Boy's fingers yesterday when he got a bit too "grabby" so now we have to explain to the parents why their son's fingers are broken in around four different places....I bought a Bazooka that I've been dying to try out but the police frown on that in the city...other then that nothing really."

Atrianna's cell phone was flashing, indicating that she had missed a call during the ruckus that had ensued when Shayla had managed to jump Vlad.

"Atrianna, it's Smith from Chicago. I imagine that you'd know where Vlad is, considering that you two were the closest of anybody in Chicago, and I need to get in contact with him, badly. I... saw something in Siberia this morning that could... lead to some complications. I'm inbound to Kyoto International as we speak, so if you could pick me up at the airport or somehow give me some directions, that would be great. Bye."

Atrianna sighed.

" looks like Smith has something to talk about. Vlad, could run Shayla through some drills while I'm gone? She hasn't gotten in her two mile hike in three days so she need to make up for lost time."

Atrianna silently laughed as she watched the Russian rub his hands together in glee.

"Alright...I'll be back soon. Don't work her too hard Vlad."
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