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Smith openly chortled when he read the part about the mysterious Smith. He wasn't that mysterious, no more so than the average Joe that you met on the street, he just didn't talk about himself, that's all.

Then it caught up with him. "Wait, your daught is training with Vlad?" It was too much for him, the stress of the past few days coupled with the poster made it the funniest thing he'd heard in a long time.

After getting his laughter under control, Smith followed Atrianna out of the airport. "So," he asked. "How are you and where's your car?" He chuckled a little. "As much as I'm sure you can walk darn near everywhere in Kyoto, you didn't seem like the type to not have a car... back then, and you don't seem like the no-car type no either." He fixed her with a look that had broken more than a few Jihadist's resolve, tempered, of course, with the friendship that almost every one from the Chicago Incident had shared after living through the incident.

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