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"So, How are you and where's your car?"

I'm fine...Nearly fell over laughing earlier but I'm fine now. Shayla...Somehow managed to position herself above the door and she jumped on Vlad's back when he walked through the door...the look on his face was priceless.

Atrianna pointed at a gun-metal grey hummer with blacked out windows that had two turrents on top of it.

"...That is my car. Custom built to fight the undead should they ever show their ugly faces around here again."

"As much as I'm sure you can walk darn near everywhere in Kyoto, you didn't seem like the type to not have a car... back then, and you don't seem like the no-car type no either."

Atrianna grinned. "I did have a car back in the day...but Vlad ended up blowing it up with an RPG the first time we met as I recall. Now that was a waste. That prius was nearly brand new from what I could tell."

Atrianna pulled open the front door and ushered Smith in then got into the driver's seat.

"Tell me...Have you ever thought about hunting down and killing Larson? It's crossed my mind a few times...What do you think?"

The hummer sped out into the road and Atrianna began looking for a spot to pick up something to eat for Smith,

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