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Smith almost choked as Atrianna casually mentioned another rise of the Zombies. If only you knew... he thought to himself. He buckled up and dropped his duffle in the back seat.

"Wait, you daughter got above the door and got the drop on Vlad? The man's getting rusty in his old age!" Smith commented, fully ignoring the fact that Vlad was only a year older than he was.

"Larson?" Smith shook his head. "No, in fact I got him out of a court-martial in my last year with the service. Turns out the Government wanted to make an example of anybody who nukes an American City..." He grinned. "I'm sure you can figure out where this is going.

"Anyway, I stood trial in a closed session and, after about a week, I was finally alowed to mention that the Zombie's Hive-Mind was located in Chicago, but nobody really knew where. That quickly cleared up the issue, along with the fact that there was practically nobody in Chicago at the time.

"So, after that I got a chance to go over a few files and I noticed that Larson's was in there, he was going to be brought up for the same charges I was. To make a long story short, I managed to convince the Judge Advocate General that not only was Larson intregal to the desctruction of the Zombies, but that he should be given a medal. Congress almost gave him the Medal of Honor, but decided at the last minute that the voters wouldn't look to kindly on them giving a medal to the man who destroyed Chicago."

Smith than smiled evily. "Did I mention that I may have started a rumor or two about Larson setting off the nuke?" It wasn't really talked about, but nobody in the Mustang knew who had set off the nuke, for all Smith knew it might've been him, but he had his suspicions...

"As for you killing him? Go ahead, and let me get it on video. I'm sure it could win an award on a show like 'America's Funniest Home Videos', God knows that the show is filled with idiots hurting themselves and that's not to different."

They stopped and grabbed some food. It was quick, it was tasteless, and God only really knew what was in it, but it managed to fill Smith's stomach for the time being, and that was just perfect for him.

"So, anything I should know about before I walk in? Your daughter trying to get the drop on anybody walking in, or is it just for Vlad?"

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