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As soon as the ship landed, Kurt was already doing a perimeter sweep of the area. Satisfied that there was no danger, Kurt followed after the others. He didn't say much while the others talked. It was hard for Kurt to engage in small talk. He never got the chance to mingle socially with people. He only listened and gave orders, that was it. So rather than make himself feel out of place he just stood there quietly and watched as the group split up. He stayed with Komad when the group split up. When they found a strange woman, Kurt instantly pointed his rifle at her. Eventually he lowered his aim and watched as Komad headed into the ruins to find his daughter. With Komad being his commanding officer Kurt too decided to head into the ruins. He kept up with the jedi with ease due to all the physical training. If Komad knew something was wrong in the force perhaps it was the work of sith. He could be useful this time.

"Master Komad if I can speak freely. If whatever you're sensing is a force user or ambush, I can help. Being brainwashed multiple times messed with my head and it makes me very difficult to detect with the force. If there is a threat somewhere in here, I can take it down."
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