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The Comm activated, and a familiar voice came through.

"It seems the mountain is eager to great the river. How goes it Garrick?"

He smiled underneath his helmet, "So it seems, Tavaryn! Su'cuy Gar!"

The map of Tavaryn's position just came up.

"I'm doing quite well, just waiting for our Imperial friends to show up..."

He looked at Tavaryn's position closer.

"So, I see you are on top of things, if you'll forgive the pun..." He said, referring to the fact that Tavaryn had come up directly above the Capital-Ship.

Admiral Velerc stared out from the Nebula.

One of his Lieutenants stepped next to him.

"Sir, they seem to be unaware to our presence. At least, that's what the analysts are saying, are sensors are down, due to the Nebula."

Velerc sighed, "They know more then they ready, we move in 10 minutes. Only observe for right now."

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