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Kurt nodded his head and moved ahead of Komad. His HUD blinked for a second and three yellow dots appeared on his screen. He knew the two dots in front were Kalla and Tonatius. The third dot was Komad. As he moved a little closer a green dot appeared on his HUD. He must have never met this figure before and therefore was considered neither enemy nor friend. He crouched down and began to walk slowly. For some moving in armor would cause noise but not for Kurt. His armor was like a second skin to him, he learned to be quite sneaky with it. He began searching the place pointing his gun in various directions. The green dot moved closer to the center of his HUD. He stayed put for a few seconds, looking down at the two below. He shifted his gaze back to the mysterious figure. All he could see was the back of the figure. He aimed his rifle at the figure but did nothing more. He would wait for either a signal or for the figure to make a move. His breathing began to slow, and his heart rate dropped. He was now as silent as the very floor he stood upon.
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