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I should go.
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Vlad smiled, "It's good that you have been practicing, but I don't spend all my time in front of a desk."

He dropped into a combat stance as well, at the same time examining Shayla's stance.

"You're stance is too narrow, someone could just push you from the side and you'd fall down. Widen it, then bring your front foot back, a long stance is good in technique, but in combat, it's not."

He began to circle, and something came to mind.

The Russian, though trying not to, grinned.

"Is your shoe untied? It looks like it."

He took advantage and lunged forward quickly, swinging an open palm at Shayl's forehead, bonking her.

The laughter came quickly, and Vlad couldn't control it.

"HAHAHAHA!! I got you, this is only part one of my vengeance!"

you very much
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