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Smith chuckled as he recognized all of the Russian Curses. "Well, since your daughter is... constrained by Vlad, I'll have to get in your house before your daughter decides it would be great fun to drop in... literally."

Grabbing his duffel from the Hummer, Smith followed Atrianna into her house and, after dropping the duffel by the door until later, yelled out. "Vlad, you shluha vokzal'naja, I found something in Siberia that will pique your interest!" After patting his tactical vest to make sure the DVD was still intact -it was- he turned to Atrianna and whispered conspiratorially, "how long do you think it will be before he reacts to that bit of Russian?"

((CQ: It's _very_ offensive, but, thankfully, my character is joking with you. Jedi: Ignore the typo in Chev's post a few up, (s)he meant Smith, not Sam. Everybody: Deleted my post that followed Scar's deleted.))

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