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(I just searched up that swear word. ROFLMAO!!)
Sam sat down at home playing some video games. Alexis was in the other room, owning him better than she usually did. Jaden was online, busy with the simultaneous counter-attack Sam and Alexis where giving him. Sam paused his game, walking into the kitchen to grab himself some food and juice. Something slammed into the window.
"Jesus!" Sam exclaimed as he looked up. A crow had slammed into the window. Sam chuckled at it as it cawed and flew away. Looking where it had been, something was moving through the field next to his house.
"Jaden, trying to scare me again. Nice try" Sam thought aloud. The thing that was meandering through the field stumbled out of the corn rows. Sam's eyes bulged, it was missing it's neck.
"Holy S***!" Sam swore, louder than he meant to.
"Sam! The kids!" Alexis scolded from the other room.
"Lexy, we've got a problem."
Alexis walked into the room, looking over his shoulder and seeing the thing stumbling around like a drunk, except with more blood.
By the time she had spewed forth her stream of expletives, He had run back into the Living Room to grab some guns. Sam stepped out from the house to fire a round in the air, which should scare it if it wasn't one of them.
It did nothing. Sam sighted in on the head, firing once and scoring a headshot, instantly killing the beasty.
"I'm calling Vlad." Sam told Alexis as he stepped inside.
Speed Dial #3. Vlad.
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