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Frank Wilson shot up a second time from his hellish slumber, this time for good. He edged his way out of his bed slowly and looked at the clock. The clock flashed 2:36 on the screen. He was waking up later and later each day. He smelled like a wet dog so before doing anything he got a shower. After putting on some jeans and his favorite hoodie he walked into his kitchen. He opened the fridge and pushed past most of the items until his eyes saw a chicken leg on a plate. He snatched it up and moved into the living room of his apartment. He turned on the tv and his eyes were glued to the news. He liked to know what was going on in the world, that way he could be prepared for anything. Another story came up about a missing person. A man named Allan Mayson went missing last night. All that was found of him was two shoes and his car that was parked alongside the road. Frank stared at the car and noticed only three tires were on the car, the fourth one was no where to be seen.

My dream...I killed a man in my dream who was changing a tire. This can't be the same guy, but I thought the explosion took all that away. I'm cured now, I'm not a nightmare anymore. I just need to get out of this place.

Panic quickly rushed through his body and he dashed into his room. He found a white scarf and wrapped it around his mouth. He opened up his window and dropped down to the floor. He went for a little run through New Chicago. He started doing his favorite activity, parkour. He found a trashbin that was under a gas station. He jumped onto the trashcan and than onto the station. He felt himself gain some speed along the way. He leaped off the gas station and onto the roof of a small home. he saw another building a little further away and decided to go for it. He leaped and felt his body glide slightly to the other building. he had never done this well before. He looked down and noticed a silver porsche zoom through the streets. After admiring the car fro a few seconds he decided to give chase to it, to give him something to do. He began to jump from rooftop to rooftop, trying to keep up with the porsche. He felt himself gaining speed slightly as he jumped on the buildings. Even with his speed, he lost the car after a while. He kept moving though, enjoying his energy boost. He ran for what felt like quite a long time. He eyed a tree and jumped for it, but he missed it by a hair. His body started to fall but somehow his hands grasped the tree. He looked back to see not his hands but two blackened claws that had replaced his arms. He screamed and fell to the ground with a loud thud. The claws disapeared within seconds and he turned to see a burnt body. He looked up to see a man with a gun.

"" he murmered to the man before passing out.
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