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"Yes sir" Kurt said as he stood up.

He lowered his aim and the rifle now rested in his arms. He followed after Komad and entered into the ruin. He had never been in this place before, he felt slightly unwanted. This was a place that belonged to force users after all. After Komad spoke Kurt decided to introduce himself as well.

"Master Sergeant Kurt Krovak, Republic Super Soldier. I too am glad there was no bloodshed."

Kurt wasn't sure what to think of this hermit. He carried a lightsaber and lived here but he didn't seem like a threat to the group. Still Kurt was slightly uneasy about this man. He didn't like that fact that he didn't know where to go but this hermit did. He also wasn't a fan of him being right in front of Kalla and Tonatius. Kurt walked slightly faster to catch up with the young Kaltas.

"Good to see you're alright ma'am but to play it safe, I'd like to be right behind your new friend here in case he gets any ideas."

Without another word Kurt moved in front of the two and placed himself behind the hermit. If he attacked the hermit would have to go through Kurt to get to the jedi and he would prove himself to be hard to get past.
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