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'The Tank' Appears...

*The nuke fell, and what everyone thought was over. Even those 'special freaks' were toast.

At least what we thought...*

1st Infantry Division, Temperately Located HQ

*The debriefing was over, and the all the paperwork was filled out, it was now Official, 'Bill the Tank' Jackson was now a Gunnery Sergent. It was the last thing that had to be done before every body went home...

Sure it was good while it lasted, and Jackson got alot of action with it. But now it was over...

Jackson, now in civvies, was packing his things. He thought that the last time was the last, funny how the world works.

Suddenly an airhorn sounded, and he heard the running of meny of the troops run.

Thinking to himself 'Aw, crap. It's not over, is it?'

He grabbed his duffle bag and followed...*

Jackson *spotting a nearby Marine* "Corporal, what in the hell is going on!?"

Corporal "Gunny sir, we just a report in, it's not over yet, sir!"

Jackson "Somebody wasnt through enough..."

Corporal "Sir, The Major just sent out a recall on all of us, we're getting underway asap!"

Jackson "Good, I'm coming too. Just find me a spot in a Humvee."

Corporal "Yessir, Gunnery Sergent!"

*Jackson runs into the Command Tent, he stops quickly when inside.
From the looks of things, by not taking everything down and keeping the radios on, they plan on using this place even longer, keeping it a main HQ.

The Major notices the Gunny

Major Tuck "Sh** son, I thought I sent ya packin!"

Jackson "You could've had be fooled, sir."

Major "Well, I know yer a bright one, I take it ya found out...?"

Jackson "Yessir. I don't think I'll be gong back to Canada any time soon..."

Major "Hot damn, son,. First ya thought ya could leave the Corps and never look back, and yer saying that yer never leaving... Get out of those civvies, and roll out. Welcome back to the Corps son! Haha, hot damn..."

*The Major turns back to his maps, as Jackson heads out. Suddenly a Humvee comes to a screeching halt in front of him. It seems like the Corporal found himself a Humvee, with a Gunner at the mounted m240 on top."

Corporal "Get in sir!"

Jackson "I guess you're with me then!"

*Jackson hops into the back, and quickly jumps into his BDU's as the Humvee joins in the group...*

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