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Captain Terranova was still typing in the mission parameters.

"It won't be really easy, but since it's your first day I don't want to start you off with more than you can handle. Think of this as test for past training", Captain Terranova said and at that moment a magical bridge leading to the construct appeared infront of them. "Alright, follow me in".

Shana followed Captain Terranova and stood in the middle of the street. Illya then pulled up two holographic screens showing some kind of robots.

"These are training drones. They have Anti-Magic Field defenses and will attack you on sight. There's the Senate Building up ahead in the middle of the construct. Enemy forces are engaging the building and have taken hostages", Illya said showing them another kind of robot that shined with a purple light. "These are the hostages, beware not to attack them. You are to clear all enemies from the area and secure the hostages. Remember that the Senate Building is a landmark of the city so try not to damage it".

"TRAINING EXCERSIZE INITIATED", A computerized voice announced.

"I'll be watching you from mission control, communicate, work together and trust each other", Illya said.

Shana took her pendant in hand.

"Queen's Heart, Setup!", Shana said. "Standby, Ready", Queen's heart replied.

Shana transformed on the spot, she had her clothes replaced with a white trenchcoat, a white shirt, a blue, white and red vest and a blue skirt with red laces. Her Device then shifted into a staff.

She then lifted into the air and moved towards the center of the city.

I will help you with the exterior of the building, you guys concentrate on getting inside, she said in her mind to her teammates.

When she arrived she could see the drones waiting for them.

They started to fly in to take positions to defend themselves. Shana took her staff and pointed it towards the entrance of the senate building.

"Shooting mode", Queen's heart said and the staff changed to sort of a gunblade on the tip.

A pink pentagram appeared below her.

"Destiny Canon!", Shana said and a pink ball of energy appeared from the tip of the barrel on the staff. "Destiny Canon, standby ready!", Queen's heart replied.

"Fire!", Shana said. The ball of energy now became a great beam shooting towards the entrance of the senate building, to the drones in keeping guard outside the lobby. She hit them and some of them were destroyed in the blast that followed.

"Cartridge Load", Queen's heart said and Shana readied her staff. "Locator mode". Three orbs of pink energy shot around the area looking for possible targets. "Scan complete".

"So there's five over at the east side, three on the west and an automated gun post on the southern entrance", She said to herself.

"Alright then, let's do it Queen's heart!", Shana said and her device shined.

She aimed her staff and looked over to the east as some of the drones came flying into her direction. Two of the drones fired energy balls over to her.

"Round shield", Queen's heart said and materialized directly in front of her a pentagram that blocked the coming attacks.

"Eager Cleaver!", Shana shouted and Queen's heart acknowledged by simply replying "Alright, Eager Cleaver, Standby Ready".

At that moment several small orbs appearing before her took the form of spearheads and shot towards the drones effectively taking down the three that launched against her but the other two seemed to have a greater defense mechanism as they dispelled the magic using a barrier.

"Those drones have a higher Anti-Magic Field, we'll have to make our attacks penetrate by combining our attacks", she said in her mind so that her teammates would know. They could talk to each other telepathically, this was something every mage knew how to do.

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