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Shana had already activated her pendant, and Akira moved to do the same.

"New Dawn! Setup!" He waited for a moment, "Standby...ready!"

Immediatley, his uniform transformed into black heavy body armor, and he wore a black helmet with a red laser-sight on the side. He also wore guantleys which had two blades portruding from the side.

New Dawn became a staff, with a black eagle at its top, and two blades surrounding it.

Shana, we'll be rushing the building...keep us covered. He said telepathically.

He then dropped into a roll, dodging incoming fire, and sprinted towards the building. Akira reached it quickly, but the front entrance was gaurded, and his helmet's HUD registered that the Hostages were higher up.

"Power Claws! Setup!" With that, sharp claws portruded from his gloves and he jumped onto the side of the building, and started climbing fast.

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