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I will help you with the exterior of the building, you guys concentrate on getting inside

Kai nodded. He wasn't exacly sure why he heard Shana's voice in his head or if it was a good thing but It seemed useful.

"Dark Guardian...setup." The pendant pulsed once. "Standby...Ready." The pendant answered in a sinister voice and then it laughed.

Kai's clothes morphed into a black long coat and his familiar sickle shaped sword appeared in his hand.

Without another word Kai took off into the city toward the Senate Building as quickly as he could.

After a short while of running he finally ran into his first drone.

"Sword Empower..." The sword pulsed once. "Sword Empower...standby ready."

Kai took another look at the drone which had it's back turned to him. It either didn't see him or didn't care.

"Dark Aura." The sword began to pulse wildly. "Dark Aura...Standby...Ready."

Kai jumped forward and managed to slice halfway through it before his sword stopped short of cutting all the way through.

Kai stopped to think for a moment as the thing began to fire at him. "Berserker Form Activate."

Kai's eyes instantly turned a Dark Red color and his hair began to grow down to his waist at a very fast rate. His muscles began to expand at a much faster rate even as the drone began to fire at him even faster.

This is how I should live...through combat.

Kai grabbed the drone and simply ripped the thing in half with brute force alone and then turned to five other drones that had appeared when Kai had ripped the last one in half.

With a roar of anger, he charged the remaining drones with his sword.

"Dark Lightning!" The sword pulsed an eerie red color. "Dark Lightning...Standby...Ready."

""Fire!" Kai shouted.

The Drones stood there temperarily disabled by Kai's lightning blast, the attack it seemed, wasn't strong enough to destroy them but it looked like it was enough to cut through their Anti-magic shields and disable them.

Kai watched grimly and then continued onto the Senate Building.

May magic help anyone who stands in my way.

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