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Playing away on his guitar, suddenly the rest of the music stopped and Aiden's singing was left to trail off. He looked at the door. Eve had just entered the studio, dressed in an astoundingly gorgeous black dress. The band was speechless.

Aiden got up and walked over to her. She kissed him, probably just to make the other guys jealous, and then he said, "That's what you're wearing? I mean, not that I disapprove, but...."

Eve just smiled and then handed him the gloves. "Now, there you go. Oh, and there's something else I found that I thought you might want to know about. I don't want to ruin the concert for you, but think of it as a statement you're making now."

She pulled out an advertisement. Aiden looked at and then began to feel a little ticked. A video game about the destruction of Chicago. And there he was, as if he was the enemy. He tore up the advertisement and threw it on the ground.

"I don't even want to know where you got this. Well, are you ready, then? I think we are." Aiden gestured to the rest of the band members.

She nodded. "I'm ready."

"Then let's make this a night to remember," he exclaimed to the entire group. "Um...well actually we have a whole half hour."

They all laughed and exited the studio.

I wonder if Sam and Jaden are here yet.
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