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The Hostages were near...Akira knew it. In fact, they were right in front of him, just with a concrete wall away. He was still hanging onto the Senate wall, hundreds of feet above the ground.

Digging his power claws into the wall, he managed a small hole, which he busted to become larger.

He slipped through, and saw the droid hostages. A sudden feeling of pleasure came to him, and he took out a small pistol from his armor, using it to shoot the two gaurd droids. They collapsed in a heap of electricity.

Then the unexpected happened.

Instead of holstering his pistol and saving the hostages, he adjusted his aim, and blew several holes into the back of the hostage droids, which also collapsed in a heap of broken metal and electric wires.

Unknown to him, he was giggling quietly as he did this. He felt extremely good..almost to the point were he really didn't care what happened.

He began to kick the hostage droids, this made him even happier for some strange reason. Akira was no longer in complete control of his actions but he didn't care. He emptied more rounds into the already dead hostage droids.

After several minutes of giggling, kicking, and shooting, he crumpled to his knees.

"What was that...."He said weakly to himself.

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