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((CQ went bonkers huh?))

Kai watched the top of the Senate building as he ran toward it. There were nearly ten guard droids rising from a hole in the top. The droids were arrayed in a circular pattern to watch all areas.

He just kept running and jumped up to the very top of the building right in the middle of the droid's circle. The droids instantly turned and began firing at him at full strength.

Pain...It hurts...

Kai tried to ignore the pain and grabbed two of the droids and slammed them together even as the rest of them increased their rate of fire.

He dropped the sword and slammed two more sets of the droids together and then ripped the last few of them apart with his hands.

He wasn't even breathing heavily but he was in for a bit of a shock as he looked down and saw Akira begin to slaughter the hostages.


Kai leaped down the hole and kept leaping off walls and other objects as he headed for the ground, hit the floor at full speed, drew his sword and cracked Akira over the head with it as hard as he could.

I'll kill the traitor later...There is only one Hostage droid left and it looks like there are more guard droids in the area.

Kai grabbed the last remianing hostage droid and blew out of the building as fast as he could.

The fool went insane. I'm going to end him. Kai broadcast the thought to Shana.

"Black Lightning..." Kai growled as we walked back into the building minus the droid. "Black Lightning. Standby...Ready." The sword pulsed once.

Kai stared directly at Akira.

"Traitors will not be tolerated. You deserve to be put to death for your have cost us the mission and we have failed."

He pointed his sword directly at Akira's head.

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