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Frank sat up and looked at the man. He took off the stints and stretched his legs. After the man finished speaking Frank nodded.

"That's perfectly understandable coming from a man who was kind enough to let me into his home. I am not threat to you and your family though. My name is Dr. Frank Wilson, what you probably saw was the result of a bad accident. Those claws you saw are the first of my "abilities." After the nuking of chicago I was certain those abilities were gone but it would appear they have just reset. Sadly as the zombies need to feed so do I, I can control what I eat though. Raw meat in a kitchen or if I must an animal of some kind will suffice. I should probably get out of your way now, I need to find a man...Vlad something, maybe he can cure me."

Frank stood up but stopped himself as he eyed the gun.

"With your permission of course." Frank added.
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