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Shana could hear what Kai said and her eyes widened. End him? Shana charged full speed ahead and saw Akira on the ground and Kai ready to fire at him. Before the charge hit him. Shana activated her round shield infront of Kai, but Kai had put so much power into his blow it broke through the shield.

Just before she took the blow fully she said in her mind in order for Kai to hear.

Remember who you are.

She took the blow after that and was sent flying through one of the buildings. She lay unconcious on the ground, her armor with several pieces torn apart and was bleeding from others.

Captain Terranova raced through the sky and rushed over to Shana. She picked her up in her arms and shot a sad look towards Kai, not anger, not rage, sadness.

Captain Aiko landed beside Kai and Akira and bounded both of them with her restraining magic.

"I think we should calm down and try to think about what just happened right now", Captain Juno said as Illya flew to the infirmary with Shana in her arms.

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