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((I was actually going to fire a thunderbolt at him but I guess that works as well.))

Remember who you are.

Kai's eyes went wide as the shield appeared in front of his attack. He tried desperatly to slow the blow but he had somehow put too much force into it.


And then his heart nearly stopped as Shana herself stepped in front of the attack.

NO! The traitor was one who was supposed to pay for costing us the mission! He was the one! Not the girl! Him!

He watched as they flew Shana presumbly to the infirmary and he attempted to follow even as he felt the restaining magic take hold. His sword flashed and turned back into the Dark Guardian pendant.

No...Not this time...I will not be stopped.

"I think we should calm down and try to think about what just happened right now"

" Hell. The traitor...cost us the mission...and I will deal with him later. But not...right now."

Kai strained even harder against the restraining magic and his pendant began to flash wildly.

"You must stop. The injuries you took in your advanced form are begining to catch up with you. You must get medical attention. Your body is going into overload."

"Shut...Up! I make sure I...didn't kill her. I will not be stopped by a pendant...I will not be your captains...or by my body's...Injuries. I will...make it!"

He forced himself to go even harder against the magic until he finally felt the spell 'break' and he staggered forward toward the infirmary.

I will make it...I will make it...I will make it...I will make it...I will make it...I will make it...I will make it...

Kai kept on forcing himself forward...away from the traitor, away from the captains who were most likely already preparing an even more powerful spell to restain him.

I...couldn't have killed her...I must not have killed her...I will deal with the my own time...I...Need to make sure she's alive...

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