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"Remember who you are. That's what she said wasn't it?"

Kai kept staggering toward the Infirmary, the impact of her words didn't hit him until a moment later.

" myself...right now." he panted as the pain began to reach agonizing levels. "And I will tell you...right now. If I ever see...that traitor....near her...again....I will kill him...and I promise you...he will suffer."

Kai's pendant began to pulse red rapidly and the pendant began to chime repeatedly in alarm. "Warning: Metabolic functions are at Critical levels. Body strength is at Critical levels. Magic levels are at Critical levels. Massive internal and external damage to your body has been detected. Injuries may become fatal if medical attention is not recieved immediatly. Possibility of fatal injury is at sixty percent and slowly rising."

Kai kept on going even as the left side of his body and then part of his right side flared in pain.

"Warning: Possibility of Fatal injury has just jumped to Ninety percent probability. Immediate Medical assistance must be found."

Kai growled as his legs buckled under him and he hit the ground face first. He began to drag himself along with his arms now.!

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