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Juno stared at him. He was forcing himself too much, he would die pretty soon if he did not stop. A voice carried itself towards them. A voice of another woman.

"Healing wind", the voice said and a green pentagram appeared beneath Kai. "This spell will stop the damage temporarily. You can't get to the infirmary on your own young man. If you want to see her again, don't you think that killing yourself on the way defeats the purpose?"

Captain Juno looked around and saw two other women standing there. One was Vice-captain Isara Ine of the Star Squad and the other who performed the spell was the Chief medical officer Asuza Keichi.

Juno then looked over to Kai. He was now engulfed by a green light. The spell helped the person inside the pentagram heal slowly but effectively.

"Kai, don't throw your life away like this. There are still those who need your strength", Juno said.

Captain Terranova comunicated at that moment with Juno.

"We're in the infirmary now. The doctor's say she's only got flesh wounds and minor injuries. She suppresed most of the attack with her defensive magic. She's gonna be out for a couple of days but she's going to be alright", Illya said and the camera turned over to Shana lying in the hospital bed wrapped up in bandages but her life signs were normal.

Juno turned the holographic screen towards Kai.

"See? She's sleeping right now, but she's gonna be fine", Juno said and then knelt before him. "I have high hopes for you Kai, I've watched you for a long time. Just give yourself time, the load you carry will lessen, but for that you need to stay alive".

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