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"This spell will stop the damage temporarily. You can't get to the infirmary on your own young man. If you want to see her again, don't you think that killing yourself on the way defeats the purpose?"

Kai was still stuck on the ground as the Captain's words echoed in his head. Although the magic was doing it's job, he still felt like he couldn't move.

Damn it...

"Kai, don't throw your life away like this. There are still those who need your strength"

I...Decide who uses my strength...

"See? She's sleeping right now, but she's gonna be fine I have high hopes for you Kai, I've watched you for a long time. Just give yourself time, the load you carry will lessen, but for that you need to stay alive".

Kai finally felt like he could stand and he rose unsteadily to his feet.

"I will live how I choose to live."

Kai turned and watched through narrowed eyes as they carried the still out-cold Akira away. "When he wakes up...tell the traitor that if he goes near her...I'll kill him. Consequences be damned."

Kai turned back toward the infirmary and limped toward it.

His pendant chimed and flashed once. "Damage to the body has been temporarily stopped. Estime time until the healing wears off: Fifteen minutes, thirty-two seconds. When the spell wears off your body will be at seventy percent chance of fatal injury."

"Status of my body?"

"Body and Metabolic rate are slightly above critical levels. Immediate medical attention is required. Heart rate has temporarily increased to slightly above critical levels. Immediate medical attention is required. Internal and external injuries are still present and require immediate medical attention."

Good enough.

Kai limped off toward the infirmary at a slightly faster pace.


Kai limped into Shana's room around fourteen minutes later with a grimance on his face. The pain was begining to return.

He looked down at her in the bed wrapped in bandages and he smiled briefly. breathing. They weren't lying...I didn't kill her.

"Warning: Possibility of fatal injury at ninety percent."

Kai fell back into one of the chairs and promptly lost the ability to stay awake. He fell back and was out cold.
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