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Asuza followed Kai inside Shana's room and when he was completely out cold she took him to a healing chamber. She placed him inside and put a breathing mask on him. She then proceeded to fill the chamber with the healing liquid they used. He was going to be ok. He'd probably be cured by the time he woke up.

Juno came inside the room and walked over to Asuza.

"Do me a favor Asuza. Put him in the same room Shana's in", Juno said.

"But Illya asked me not to disturb Shana", Asuza replied frowning.

"I'll talk to Illya", Juno said and Asuza nodded in agreement.

A few hours later they moved Kai to a bed beside Shana's. Juno was sitting down looking from Shana's bed to Kai's.


Isara was not caught off guard by Akira, and so she took out her device which was in the form of an Axe and placed it under his chin.

"Any last words cadet?", Isara said with a grin on her face. Captain Terranova entered the room.

"Isara!", Illya said as she walked in. Isara removed the weapon from Akira's chin and destroyed the pistol before he'd get another funny idea.

Illya then showed Akira what happened through a holographic interface, the moment he went crazy, all that followed after that and the moment Shana stood infront of Kai to protect him. At the sight of this Illya closed her eyes, a single tear coming down her eyes.

"Care to explain why you killed the hostages in this training exersize?", Illya asked looking at him straight into his eyes. "What happened out there?"

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