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"Any last words cadet?"

Akira smiled a large grin, and he began to chuckle quietly.

He actually felt slightly disappointed that she didn't finish the job. The enemy was weak. They couldn't kill.

"Care to explain why you killed the hostages in this training exercise? What happened out there?"

"Uh....." He tried his best to think back.

He tried and tried, but couldn't recall anything....but then suddenly, he remembered something.

He was climbing the side of the building, and then busted a whole in the side of the building. He saw the hostages, killed the gaurds, but then...then...then...he was no longer Akira, and killed the hostages. For that moment, he was no longer Akira.

Suddenly, Akira returned, and his face visibly softened. His eyes registered disbelief, and utter regret. He also began to weep quietly, as much as he didn't want to, he could no longer hold it back.

"What have I done...."

He felt weak, and probably would have fallen to his knees if it hadn't been for the binding spell.

you very much
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