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"Help yourself."

Smith nodded gratefully to Atrianna before popping his DVD into the player. "Unfortunately it's in black and white, but with the lighting it's okay..." He said as he skipped over the content of the past day, stopping right when he'd called Meyer, Mays and Rivers forward.

"Atrianna, I don't know if you want Shayla to see this or not... this is almost worse than what we saw in Chicago..." He let his voice trail off.

"This is where it gets interesting." He said, he skipped ahead a few more minutes and stopped it. "Vlad, do you recognize this building?"

Smith didn't wait for an answer. "It' the old KGB Anomalous Materials Lab, currently owned and operated by... an unknown company that the Western and a good portion of the Eastern World believes is a front for the FSB, or what the KGB became." He hit play again, showing them go through the door and the blood soaked walls.

"I'm sure this all looks familiar to you." He nodded at the screen. "In fact, I found a good amount of them in here... I have another few hours worth, but I'll give you the highlights." He skipped the video forward to when Rivers tossed the two HE Grenades down the trapdoor, and the Zombies simply walked over it in the group, not picking it up and tossing it back like the First Generation would've.

He then skipped to their decent into the facility proper, where they found human bodies strapped to machines that Smith was certain Vlad would recognize. Several IV's were pumping a liquid into them that Smith was certain was the second version of the Zombie Virus.

"We killed them all, those hooked up to the IV's, we even found an old Brute Corpse, likely smuggled out by your men after Chicago..." Smith looked at Vlad for confirmation.

"Anyway, it got even worse the deeper we went." He skipped ahead an hour, to a point that showed a corridor stretching ahead of them. "If you have nightmares easily, I'd suggest that you don't watch this sequence..." He gave the warning half-heartedly, after all, if they had nightmares easily Chicago provided enough for their own private Hell, this wouldn't add much.

He didn't need the video though, this had happened to him that morning...

"Open this goddamn door!" Smith hissed to his demolitions expert as he and the six other men in the 'squad' watched the man's back. "I don't care about how messy, just get it open!"

Without a word in response, the Demolitions Expert took a shaped charge and planted it against the door before setting it off, blowing the door inwards, exposing a clean room.

"A milliliter of the virus has amazing results." A voice said from the inside in Russian. "Imagine what we could do with a hundred milliliters in a person!"

"Idiot, remember what Major Rosokosovski did in America two years ago?" Another voice cut into the conversation.

The seven men and Smith charged into the clean room, or, rather, the clean room's air lock. "Suit up." Smith ordered the other men as he himself put on a clean suit. "Inside." He ordered. "Kill them all."

The Men walked into the Airlock and let it cycle, when it was finished they walked into the clean room and pulled their weapons on the scientists.

Before they could open fire, one of the scientists threw a hypodermic needle at one of the men and followed it up with another while the other scientist stood, rooted to the spot.

The squad -sans the two men with the hypodermic needles in them shot the two scientists before moving to help their squadmates.

The two men ripped off their clean suits in an effort to save themselves, but it only served to help them meet their end. One was changing... the other had changed.

The changed one resembled a brute of old, but it was slightly more athletic... more, jumpy. It jumped at one of the men and ripped at it before clobbering it with it's hands, bludgeoning the man to death. It leaped at the man trying to kill the one in the process of changing and bit his neck and ripped his spinal column out.

The two fully changed Brute/Jumpers moved on, tanking through the other men, absorbing bullets into them until Smith feared they were more metal than flesh. In desperation he drew his Colt and fired off every bullet he had into the head of one of the Brute/Jumpers... and it, miraculaously died.

The other one soldiered on towards him, ready to kill him, but Smith danced in close -there was no other word for it- and was able to slit it's neck fast enough with his knife that the thing had to pause. And, during that break, Smith stole one of the fallen men's AK-103's and fired off the entire clip of 30 7.62mm NATO rounds into the things head, killing it.

"While it is a jumpy image," Smith said finally after that sequence of horror. "It's still accurate, they've managed to hybridize a Brute and a Jumper from Chicago." He looked at Vlad and Atrianna. "We're in some deep **** now."

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