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"It is as you thought Illya", Isara said looking at Akira.

Illya nodded and then looked over at the door. Asuza went in, examining everything in the scene before it.

"Judging from what we've seen right now, it seems that he's suffering from some kind of dual personalities. It's best if we keep you under observation for now Akira, at least a few days until Shana wakes up", Asuza said. And Illya turned to Akira.

"It's probably best if you stay away from Shana for a while, at least until we can sort things out", Illya said and walked out of the room. Isara sat Akira down on a wheelchair with the binding charm still active. They took him to a room with a ECG machine.

"We're gonna perform some tests Akira to see what got zapped while you were out there and compare that to the stats during the exersize", Asuza said. "Just relax, it will be over pretty soon".

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