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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Second for Q.

And I assumed D3 already had those badges. If not, I second her for both of them. She was the absolute most assistance out of anyone in HL even back in 2004 when she was still just a member.

She has Forum Veteran, Helpful, Mod contest winner, and LF staffer. She has the display option turned off, however. You can see what badges she has in her profile by clicking the 'badges' tab.

Edit: If you're wondering why no action is taken on some people, please re-read the first post. That will usually explain everything for you. The prime reasons for not handing one out is no one's seconded the motion, the nominee's name isn't spelled correctly, or there are no links for us to look at to evaluate the recommendation. The other reason we don't get to it immediately is we've been busy keeping you all out of trouble in other parts of LFN, or we all-volunteer staff have had an attack of Real Life.

Psyk0Sith, Qliveur, Darth333, TriggerGod, and oldflash's recommendations have been brought to the staff. Emperor Devon is not currently eligible to receive any badges.

Badges given out within the last few weeks:
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