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Illya entered the conference room. Commander Carrington and Juno were already there. Isara and Asuza followed soon after and finally the other Vice-Captain of the Lightning Squad Kotomi Furawa also joined the conference.

"I've been going over the video of the training session. It doesn't really look very good", Commander Carrington said.

"Terra, they slipped up, they'll make up for it, it will be fine", Illya said.

"Well, I have to be honest with you. I don't see any future in this unit if things carry on like this", Terra said getting up from her chair and pacing around the room. "I started this unit with the desire to stop those who will do harm to others for power, by obtaining artifacts to get this power. What can we hope to do if our own members can't keep it together?"

Juno looked around at everyone and then she looked down.

"I am sorry Illya, I know I said nothing would happen to Shana. But I still have faith in Kai, because we're somewhat similar. I too had a curse my mother put on me and thanks to all of you I was able to break that curse and carry on", Juno said and then looked at everyone in the room. "I want him to have the same chance I had, to live freely like I do".

Illya smiled warmly at her friend.

"I understand, you also opened my eyes. I almost lost her back there. I can't remain silent anymore. I will tell her the truth", Illya said.

"I trust all of you to put them on the right path my friends. It is my hope that this unit will become the power needed to retain peace. To save all those we care about", Terra said and then turned to face all of them. "We'll talk later, dismissed".


2 days later...

Asuza was checking Shana's life signs, everything was normal. She was bound to wake up any moment now. Illya remained in the room sitting on a chair close to Shana. And Juno kept silent and sitting right infront of Kai's bed. She knew Kai was having the nightmares as he always did. She had nothing to help him with except a voice recording of Shana saying "Remember who you are". She would play it to him in hopes it helped him sleep better.

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