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Google Library

I just realized that over the last year or two, I've accumulated a few good books in my library. Not the seemingly endless shelves (or so my wife claims) at my home, or the 7 pages of books on my Kindle. Not even the vast collection of ebooks on my hard drive.

I'm referring to my Google Library. I know Kurgan hates it, but Google is great (I just signed up for Google Voice, btw). I've used Google books on many, many occasions while writing papers, essays, and such for school or even my own blog. The great thing about it is that you can get accurate page numbers and citation information and often review indexes and contents to see if the book even has the information you need before you buy or borrow it.

I've even used Google Books as a method of searching books I had in my hand in a way that the author's index couldn't give you. Many books are available on many titles in "Full view." Many more are available in "Limited Preview," which basically means that some pages are there, others aren't. But you'd be surprised how useful this still is. You can search a book and find out what page something is on even if the page is missing on Google. If you have it in your hand, you can then flip to the page. It beats skimming chapters and relying on the author's index.

Anyway, this is all related to education. And, for me, education is a very serious topic. While the Senate Chambers is a place for serious discussion and debate, there is nothing that precludes serious discussion without debate, so I thought I'd post a link to my Google Library (I already know my Google Username is listed there... I'm not all that anonymous on the interwebs).

If you see a book you've read, one you like, one you're curious about, or if you have a recommendation based on what you see, start a discussion on it here.

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