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Vlad stared at the screen, even after the DVD ended.

He said nothing, only collapsing onto a nearby chair and resting a hand on his forehead.

Chyort. They never learn...they never ever ever learn.

Nightmarish images flashed through his mind, as he remembered the horrible first tests that he was forced to conduct under orders of his commanding officer....

April 1, 1987
Secret Test Facility

"Test 1, reanimation virus 237, subject: Alexei Bodoyovik, civilian." Vlad said into the recording device.

He looked through the glass at the tes chamber, 3 remote control machine guns had their guns trained on this 'Alexei Bodoyovik,' who was strapped to a table. IV's ran from his wrists and neck, a strange redish-purple liquid flowing through them.

"Inject first treatment of virus 237."

A hiss filled the room and more of the strange liquid was pumped into the civilian, who began to scream and writhe in the straps. The man went through a hideous transformation into a standard virus.

"Inject second treatment."

More was pumped in, everyone tensed as the ugly thing that was the civilian became brutish and huge, the straps barely containing it.

"Inject third treatment."

The creature became no larger, but the limbs slimmed about an inch, and lengthened about a foot.

"Inject fourth treatment."

And then all hell broke loose.

The brute broke the straps and the machine guns opened fire.

"KILL IT! KILL IT!! KILL IT NOW!!" Vlad shouted, taking out his small Tokarev.

The brute did an unexpected thing, it leaped, taking out the machine guns in a single strike.

No...this isn't good...

"Vent gas!!"

A green mist went in, but it didn't kill it. It suddenly looked at the observation window, looking directly at Vlad.

One of Vlad's lieutenant's grabbed him on the shoulder, "Comrade Major!! We must get you out of here!"

"Nyet!!! We kill it now!"

The brute jumper leaped and crashed through the window, aiming to tackle Vlad.

He moved quickly and lined the pistol up with it's temple and pulled the trigger, killing it but an inch from the gun. It stopped halfway and fell in front of Vlad.

Vlad was breathing frantically looking around the corpse. He relaxed, it was dead.

He looked to the Lieutenant, "Destroy all documents of this test, leave nothing that showed this test existed!! All videos, audio recordings, destroy them!"

"But Comrade Major, the Marshal would love this news!! He wants this progress!!"

Vlad glared at the Lieutenant, " one would ever want this. Do as I say!!"

The Russian looked at the horribly, bloody, scene in front of him. No one, no one could ever know this took place, no one.


That Lieutenant didn't do as ordered, Vlad should've done it himself.

"I thought this was over..."

Tears were gathering in his eyes, but he didn't let them out.

"I'm extremely familiar with everything you've captured on film, Smith. Do you know if the virus was deployed anywhere else? Has it been released?"

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