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"Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are."

The words were almost like background music, Kai knew that they must have a recording of her voice because the real Shana wouldn't repeat them constantly like the way the voice was. The voice that spoke the words was...emotionless much like Kai himself.

Kai watched as again and again as the two captains bled on the floor and the body of Shana would stare up at the sky with lifeless eyes and the mage would laugh over and over again.

It has never been this long before...two days of watching them die...watching the colony burn around me...two days of trying to fight the mage and losing every time.

And yet Kai fought as it was his duty to do. He would fight as he was destined to and then he would lose as he was destined to and then the dream would start over and the bodies of his captains and Shana would fall on the floor again.

Kai looked up just as the mage's magic slammed into him and the dream began yet again. No matter what I matter what strategy I use...I will lose. It is my destiny.
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