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Shayla crept down the stairs to find her mother standing over a crate of Tactical 12 gauges with a blank look in her eyes.

" alright?"

Atrianna didn't answer.

"Mom...Your...ah...freaking me out here."

Atrianna didn't turn from the crate, but when she spoke she didn it in a voice that sent shivers down her daughter's spine.

"I honestly can't believe it...That those Damn fools would try to revive the project again."

"You and Uncle Vlad managed to beat them two years ago. I don't see why you can't just do it again."

Atrianna turned to her daughter and smiled faintly.

"What we did back something I still have nightmares about. You weren't there didn't see the devestation that the virus caused...Shayla we barely managed to beat the hive back then and I have doubts that we can do it now that they've upgraded."

Atrianna turned back toward the wall of guns and began to load a few Bazooka's into a crate.

"I need you to leave now. I need to make a few calls...make a few in a few favors that the goverment owes me."

Shalya quietly went up the stairs as her mother loaded the last of the Bazooka's into the crate and then began to load another smaller crate full of grenades.
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