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((I have taken the liberty to go back and make the corrections. My character has no special abilities, yetm and his girlfriend and her family weren't attacked by zombies, but by something else and now by making these corrections i have figured out a better way for him to gain his abilities and it make sence with the story line. So if anyone reads my later posts let me know what you think.))

He walked down the middle of the road looking around. He had the feeling that he was being followed but every time he looked back there was no one.

"Xero....hahaha?" came a whisper of a familiar voice in his ear. He drew his sword and turned with a slash.

No one was there.

"Hello little brother." came Xero's older brother from behind him.

His older brother was an ex-soldier and a formor POW. He went crazy and killed his and Xero's parents when Xero was just a small boy. Zalden was his name. He was now 37 years old. He had escaped from a mental hospital. While in there he was diagnosed with Paraniod Schizophrenia and split personallity. He was wearing army cloths, tattered and bloody. He had mohawk styled hair and looking into his eyes you would find no soul within.

Xero tried to swing his sword at him again but Zalden grabbed his arm with one hand and picked him up by the neck with the other.

Xero dropped the sword and tried frantically to catch his breath.

"Well, well, well, i finally found you, my dearest little brother, and this is how you greet me." said Zalden with a smile that would put the Devil himself to shame.

Zalden sniffs Xero.


" you...want?" asked Xero gasping for air.

Zalden reaches into his pocket and pulls out a locket that Xero took notice to very quickly.

"Does this look familiar to you?" asked Zalden smiling again.

" was killed my girlfriend and her family! I'LL KILL YOU!" Yelled Xero pulling at Zalden's fingers that grasped his neck.

" and the other EXPERIMENTS." the smile grew on his face.

"Experiments...what are you talking about?" gasped Xero again.

"You'll find out soon enough." said Zalden still smiling.

Zalden then moved Xero's coat and bit into his shoulder.

Xero let out a blood-curtling scream.

"Soon you will join me...and the other hybrid experiments." said Zalden pulling away with blood dripping from his mouth.

He then threw Xero through the window of an abandoned stored and crashed through eight food shelves and through the bathroom door. Dust hovered in the air. Xero laid in the bathroom unconcious while Zalden laughed like the loonitic he was.

Zalden picked up Xero's sword and eyed it with blood-lust. He then stabbed it in the ground showing that he had accomplished his primary mission.

"When you wake little brother, you will not be as you were before...and you WILL join me." he said.

Then he ran to meet his budies and disappeared into the night.

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