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A smile formed on Frank's after hearing that this man knew Vlad and was going to take him there to see him.

"Why yes, that's the man. I can't thank you enough, you've done more for me than anyone I know and I don't even know your name."

Frank stopped for a second and knew he had to do something for this family. This man was doing far too much for him, he had to think of something. The only thing he could do was hope to come up with a cure and make sure this man's family got to it first. He stood up to go follow the man and saw the man's wife, Alexis out of the corner of his eye as he walked over to the man. He hadn't seen beauty like that since his wife Jenny. He shook his head as she entered his mind once more. Frank tied the scarf around his hood again looked over at the man.

"I will personally make sure you make it home to your family, even if it means my own life."
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