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I should go.
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Akira nodded, "I will stay aware of the holographic interface....and I will not go near Shana and Kai. For both their safety, and mine. Thank you, Ma'am."

He snapped to attention and saluted, then marched out of the observation room, bound for the outside of the Hospital.

Akira hoped that he would not go through another manic episode, he feared that he wouldn't be able to return from it.

Dual personalities...that is bizarre without a doubt.

It seemed to Akira that nothing really could done to help him, and suicide was looking like a very tempting option. He hoped it wouldn't come to that, but if there was no other option...

He shook the thought away and put on his cap as he left the building. He didn't know where he'd leave to, walking forward just seemed the best idea, where ever that was.

you very much
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