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The dream was becoming strange. Unstable. Freakish.

Sometimes Kai saw his own face instead of the regular face of the mage, sometimes he saw the face of the traitor instead of the face of the mage. But two things always remained the same. He would watch Shana and the two captains die. And then he would die at the hands of the mage.

The traitor is a danger to us all. Even as I am stuck in this damn dream he may be finishing off The Captains and Shana right now and I am powerless.

As he watched the colony burn around him he looked at his pendant for third time since the dream began and considered using the Berserker form. He had done it once while in the dream...and he had sworn never to do so again.

I will not wake up as myself. I will wake up as someone even worse then the mage. I would try to kill anyone in sight...At least the mage would not turn on his allies.

He looked away from his pendant and back at the mage who was currently throwing the bodies of the captains to the floor.

Not this time. But if this keeps up much longer I may have no choice.

"We can change destiny Kai, you will win. Lets break those chains, together".

Kai looked up at the burning sky sharply. This wasn't the recorded voice. This was the real thing.

"Destiny cannont be changed!" he shouted to the sky. "I have fought this man for nearly eleven years...and I have died each time!"

"As long as you remember who you are, you'll never be beaten"

Kai looked back at the mage just as the mage's blast hit him again.

This time the colony did not burn around him. This time there was a bright light in his eyes, but despite that he could see the vauge outlines of beds around him.

I'm in the Infirmary...My body is not in pain...Two days must have been long enough for them to fix up the injuries caused by the drones...

His eye's slowly adjusted to the bright light he was seeing and he saw Shana on the opposite bed holding his hand.

"You...are wrong. Destiny cannot be changed. The Chains will never be broken as long as either the Mage or I live. One of us must die for the chains to break."
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