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"Are you already admitting defeat?!", Shana asked him with tears in her eyes. "Why can't you get it through your head that we can kill him? We can find him, we will track him down, wherever he goes we'll be one step behind him. We will catch up to him. And we will kill him".

Shana stood up from her bed and let go of his hand.

"If you already believe destiny can't change, if you already believe that the chains can't be broken. Then why continue? Why keep pushing yourself?", Shana said and looked over to him. "I know in my heart you don't really mean that, otherwise you wouldn't try so hard everytime. But it doesn't matter what I say right? You just won't believe me. I honestly hope you can believe it yourself one day. I just hope I'm around when you finally realize it".

Shana then left the room. Illya walked behind her. Taking her to the locker rooms so she would change. Shana would not spend another minute in a hospital bed, she had been in one for two years. Juno however stayed behind. She was still in the room and looked over at Kai.

"There's still a lot of work to be done, if you're interested, keep watch on your holographic interface. You'll get a message sooner or later. If you want to show up we'll gladly welcome you back", Juno said and left the room so Kai was by himself.

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