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He went unconcious after a few minutes under the water, and he was sure it was over, and at the same time he realized that he had regained control. It was too late to get out though.

Awhile later he awoke hitting a concrete wall really hard, with the amazing pressure of the water against him.

He coughed, spewing water out of his mouth and his lungs. He tried to take a breath, but the water was pressing him against the wall.

He got his footing on the wall and propelled himself off, he knew that the only way out now was to get farther downstream. He lived to regret that decision, spending the next 5 minutes slamming into other obstacles, barely being able to take a breath in the freezing water.

But finally, he noticed small alcove along the edge of the river. He dove under to gain speed, and at the last moment, used his the last of his waning strength to launch himself out of the river and across the concrete alcove. He hit it hard, but now he was out of the water, and taking deep breaths, trying to recover.

He spat out more water, I guess this means I'm supposed to be around for awhile more...

He would've chuckled following the thought, but more water came out instead. He leaned up against the wall, catching his breath.

A small group had assembled above him, on the street overlooking the river.

One of the authorities was leaning over the edge looking at him.

"You, trooper! Are you okay?"

Akira managed a nod, "Just fine."

He was glad he had regained control, but wasn't exactly sure how he did. He'd figure that out in time.

He stood, but used his bad wrist to stand up, and abruptly slipped, breaking the wrist even more. Akira clenched his teeth and tried again on the other side this time, standing up. He began to limp away, dripping wet with freezing water, but still alive.

He now knew that somehow, he could return to his normal mental state...if only he could figure out how that happened..

you very much
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