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((Changed Kai's age to 17 due to an issue I found in one of my posts.))

"Alright then, if you find someone, let me know"

"Thank you Captai-...Juno."

Kai watched as she left the room and he got up and walked out of the room. He needed to think about who was best suited for this task.

I will not allow the traitor near my mind so he is not even a remote possibility...Cap-...Juno...I may trust her but I don't want her in my head. I want someone in there that I can trust...Captain Terranova I don't think she would react kindly to seeing herself get butchered over and over again. I don't think Shana would like seeing herself killed either. Still. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

Captain Terranova. Shana. May I speak to you both for a moment when you have the opportunity? he broadcast the thought in his mind.
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