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Gurrah asks: Iíll keep it short: No PC version, why? Iím sad.

Tim Schafer: Well itís really an action game, that when you play it youíll see that it was meant to be on a console.

My question is, ĎWhy all the hate for consoles?í If you hate consoles, that means you hate Katamari Damacy, Okami, ICO, and you are in fact a bad person. A bad person who should send all their hate mail to Eurogamer and not to me.

Super Moderating Hero: Cheeky! Will there ever be a PC version? Is there hope?

Tim Schafer: We are really focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version right now.
Well, damn.

Although this might skim hope of a PC port released in tandem with the PS3 and 360, Schafer's last rather glib line does not completely rule out the possibility of a PC port after console debut. Still, the "it was meant to be on a console" tirade is a rather piss-poor excuse, and seems to be a sign of Activision and then EA's corruption on Schafer.
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