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Isara chased after Akira and caught up with him.

"Don't do that kind of stuff again Akira. You want to kill yourself, then do it on the battlefield, but take as many enemies as you can with you", Isara said and then sighed. "Sergeant Yamamoto just docked, he'll be arriving soon to the Division. So in the meantime wait in the lobby for his arrival".

Isara walked away and left Akira there. She looked back and felt a little sorry for what he was going through but she wasn't the kind of woman who let her feelings show.

(CQ, if you want you can roleplay the entire conversation with Yamamoto since you created him)


Illya was back with Shana. They were both having lunch at that moment.

"Shana, I have something I have to tell you", Illya said looking at her. "It's not an easy thing to hear".

Shana looked puzzled, she had not seen Illya like this ever.

"What is it?", Shana asked.

"I haven't been completely honest with you. Two days ago, when you got hurt, I almost lost it. I was so worried that I wouldn't have a chance to talk to you, explain things that I wanted to explain to you", Illya said.

"What kind of things?", Shana asked even more puzzled.

"My name is not Terranova", Illya said. "Not originally".

"What was it then", Shana asked her still even more puzzled.

"It's Takeuchi", Illya said and Shana's eyes widened, she dropped her chopsticks at the sound of her words. "I am your sister. Mom and Dad believed I was dead, I'm sure they told you, your "one-chan" was killed in an accident at her middleschool. But the truth is, the Federation took me with them. I had to disappear due to my powers, mom and dad didn't know about them. When I could finally leave the custody of the Federation six years had already passed. I couldn't face mom and dad, I was too afraid. When mom died I returned to the hospital to see dad, when I explained things to him he wouldn't hear of it, he blamed me for mom dying. He said mom died of sadness, she could never recover from the thought of losing her child. He sent me away but when I found you, when I learned you had power too, I was so happy. I wanted to be near you, I wanted a piece of my family, and two days ago, I thought I would loose you. I was so scared. I felt like when you had the crisis a few years ago. I wanted so much to exchange places with you, because I didn't want to loose you. I still don't want to loose you", Illya said with tears in her eyes.

Shana heard all the story. She took in everyword and Illya's emotions ringed true.

"Mom didn't die because of you, she was ill with the dellusions she had. I always imagined what my sister looked like", Shana said with tears in her eyes. "I just am glad, that it's you".

Shana got up and gave Illya a hug. Illya became overrun with emotion and cried with her, they held each other for a long moment and then looked at each other.

"I want you to live with me from now on. I have an apartment near here. I'm sure barracks won't mind", Illya said.

"Alright, I'll be happy too, one-chan", Shana said with a smile on her face.

It was at that moment that they both heard Kai's voice in their heads.

Captain Terranova. Shana. May I speak to you both for a moment when you have the opportunity?

Illya and Shana turned to each other a bit puzzled.

Alright, meet us in the lobby, Illya said and walked with Shana towards the lobby. Upon arriving there they sat down on one of the chairs and waited for Kai.

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