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Alright, meet us in the lobby

Kai breathed a sigh of relief. At least they would hear him out. Now all he could do was hope that one of them would accept.

After a short walk down to the lobby Kai saw Captain Terranova and Shana sitting in chairs. Both girls looked a bit...strange. Kai shrugged it off.

"I thank you for hearing me out."

He shifted uncomfortabley.

"First of all I am not used to asking for help...or for accepting it when it is offered. This is difficult for me to do."

Kai took a deep breath.

"I believe Shana...What I mean to say is that when you said that we could break the chains together...First of all I feel I should tell you that the nightmares have...changed. Somehow I feel the mage is...shifting the nightmare to try and intimidate me."

Kai took another deep breath.

"...In the nightmare I see both of you...and Captain Aiko dead by the hands of the mage who attacked the colony. Then the dream resumes normally and I fight and then I die."

"I need to fight this battle on two fronts. First I need to defeat the imprint the mage left on my mind...and then I need to defeat him in the physical world. But I can't fight him on my own. I have exhausted nearly every tactical option...every strategy that involves only one person."

Kai looked at the two of them uneasily.

"There are spells that allow people to...join minds for a short while...I would...appreciate it if one of you could...join minds with me so I can finally get rid of the imprint."

"I have already thought of who I would like to do this...and It came down to you two. Captain Terranova, your combat skill is far beyond mine and would be invaluable...But shana...I trust you far more then I trust anyone else here... The spell is difficult and there are many risks involved."

Kai stood at attention uneasily and simply stared at the wall behind the Captain Terranova and Shana.

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