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They staked through the soil. The entire ship shook like an earthquake at first. And then, everything began to crumple and explode. The sudden impact of the ship crashing into Sigmunds crust caused Wolf to hit his head against a control consol right next to him. Everything around him turned to darkness...

Next thing he knew, he could hear rustling of silent wind - as if someone was breathing. He soon realized the breathing was coming from his own lungs. He creeped his eyes open, and waited for the bright light to adjust his eyes, to make better contrast.

He found himself in a Infirmary - Wolf was lying on an examination table that that was adjusted on an angle. He reached his palm out to find out it hit against glass - he was inside of a medical capsule.

"Oh good, he's finally awake..." he heard a voice say. The doctor approached him and pressed a button on a nearby console to lift the glass lid of the tube.

"If you could please step out of the tube..."

"Where am I?" Wolf groaned.

"You're inside of the Infirmary of an FFTS Military Building, headquarters for Division Nine. We salvaged you from your crash site at Sigmund. Your lucky to be alive - we detected no broken bones, or fatal injuries - just been put into a coma."

Wolf looked at himself to find him wearing a Medical Tunic for patients. "Where are my clothes?"

He didnt need an answer: they were sitting on the table - waiting to be worn again. His Revolver with the attached Device was missing however.
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